Just Do It!

I am TERRIFIED of heights, but Steve got me up in the air and LOVING it! It was beautiful, scary, and amazing all at once. If you're thinking about it, JUST DO IT! -- Ashley from Techfoolery.net, Los Angeles.

Absolutely Amazing!

Absolutely AMAZING! I've lived in San Diego for at least 6 years and I can't believe it took me this long to try paragliding. The pilot was super-friendly and the views are totally amazing. I absolutely recommend trying this at least once in your life. Did I say it was totally AMAZING?! -- Bryan. California, USA.


Connecticut Cruisin'

The flight was amazing! We flew over very nice villas, the ocean is gorgeous, wonderful sceneries, and I loved wen the pilot did some flight tricks. You could ask for more tricks or have a smooth flight! I would do it again! -- Lina. Connecticut, USA.

Above The Birds

It was unlike anything I've ever experienced in my life. Soaring above the bords and enjoying a ride better than theme parks, flying horizontal over a canyon and the coast! Steve ("Stack") is a great pilot! He made me know I was safe. -- Jeffrey. California, USA.


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