Rating & Skill Clinics

Pilots interested in "leveling up" their skills or earning additional ratings can participate in several on-going instructional programs at Torrey.

The New 2014 Clinic Schedule

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Piloting is an sport of continual learning. Once you receive your rating to fly, your journey is just beginning. From there, you can continue to learn to earn more advanced ratings, as well as special skills that make you a more talented and versatile pilot. The Torrey Pines Gliderport offers several short (2-3 day) clinics throughout the year that let pilots continue to grown and learn.



While you need a USHPA P3 or H4 rating to fly at Torrey, we can offer specialized instruction to help you reach your USHPA P4 and P5, or your H5. These clinics depend highly on the number of people interested, so please contact us if you'd like to learn more. Additionally, we also offer clinics to earn your paragiding Tandem Rating. With a Tandem rating, you are allowed to carry a passenger on a flight. Minimum required rating to start Tandem instruction is a P3.


We offer clinics to earn your Basic Instructor, Advanced Instructor and Tandem Instructor ratings for paragliding. These clinics can be a few to several days and the minimum rating is an active P3 in good standing.


Additionally, we offer clinics in specific areas or skill: Cross CountrySIV/Acro/Tow, Thermaling, Ground Handling, Ridge Soaring, Reserve Repacking, Competition Training, and Flight Mechanics and Techniques. Our most popular is the SIV/Acro/Tow clinic, and we generally offer 2-3 of these a year.

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