Paragliding School

We offer beginning and advanced training in paragliding. Instruction at TPG follows the syllabus established by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.


P1: Beginner Paraglider Pilot Rating - $1,095.00

All students begin with the P1 package unless they are already rated P1 or greater from another school. The P1 Package includes beginning ground and flight training at the Torrey Pines Gliderport.  It includes usage of school grounds and school equipment, a new Icom IC-V8 5.5 meter radio, a radio harness, The Art of Paragliding or Paragliding: The Pilot's Training Manual text book, and the official USHPA logbook. After about 3-4days of ground handling, and 2-3 days of flight training, the student should be prepared to move on to the P2 training. The P1 rating is for instructional purposes only. There are no P1 flying sites in the U.S. Thus, to be considered a rated pilot and fly the P2-P3 sites solo the student needs to earn more advanced ratings.


P2: Novice Paraglider Pilot Rating - $1,175.00

Most students enroll in the TPG Paragliding school with their goal being the P2 Rating. This is because the student is finally considered a licensed pilot when he/she earns their P2 Rating and can fly all P2 rated sites solo. The P2 package includes training through the USHPA P2 proficiency list, 25 solo flights while on radio with the instructor, instructional tandem flights, and an USHPA "Novice Certification" Rating sign-off. By the time the student is about finished in the P2 program they should be prepared to buy their own gear. The instructors at TPG are more than happy to assist students with this major decision. TPG stocks new and used paragliders, new and used harnesses, new reserve chutes, and is a dealer for many major brands of Paragliders. (Paratech, Ozone, Independence, Skywalk) Please check out our online store to take a look at the gear we carry or come visit us or call us at 858-452-9858

Save $ 200: Enroll for your P1 and P2 together
Sign up for both the P1 and P2 courses at once and save $ 200. Tuition includes everything in the two course packages: gear rentals for the period of their training, a brand new icom radio, a radio harness, a logbook, and our school book.


P3: Intermediate Paraglider Pilot Rating - $1,195.00

This advanced intermediate training program is conducted at Torrey Pines Gliderport school grounds and at other local mountain sites. The P3 package includes training through 100 solo flights under radio instruction, 25 solo hours of airtime, while working through the P3 Proficiency list as established by the USHPA. Please note: a P3 rating or higher is required if you wish to fly at Torrey Pines Gliderport unsupervised. Once a students has earned their P3, they are welcome to sign-up for an annual membership at the Gliderport, or just come by to fly on an ad hoc basis. More information on Gliderport membership and use is available in the Gliderport section on the home page. 

Save $ 200: Enroll in your P3 early 
For students who are currently enrolled in the P2 courses at Torrey Pines Gliderport, the P3 course is only $ 895! Students must sign-up for their P3 course PRIOR to completing their P2 training. And good news: this discount can be used with the P1+P2 package discount.




All students work towards their certification at their own pace. We do have class-style instruction on the weekend mornings, usually from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. These classes are required to obtain your rating sign-off at TPG. Students are encouraged to spend as much of the day as possible at Torrey. They are responsible for updating their flight log, and for sitting down and reviewing their syllabus with the instructors.

You will be flying solo while enrolled in the P1 and P2 programs below. All of these flights will be under radio contact with one of the instructors. Of course you don't initially start with the flying. Students begin with ground control, kiting their wing to learn wing control and to develop muscle memory.

Additionally, instructors take students to local mountain sites almost weekly. Instruction at differing sites in a variety of different conditions, in addition to flying the coastal ridge at Torrey Pine, is key in learning to be a safe and competent paraglider pilot.


Students learning at Torrey are required to buy their gear through us. We take pride in being the major importer for most major paragliding manufacturers on the market, and even for most of the minor ones as well! We always work hard in getting our students the best deal on the market, and we always spend some time reviewing appropriate glider size, brand, performance, cost, safety, and more with every one of our students. That way, the student finds the wing that is perfect for them in all aspects at their current level.

Generally, it costs approximately $5,000 for a complete brand new paragliding setup. This includes helmet, harness, reserve chute, and paraglider. The prices vary occasionlly due to fluctuation between euro/dollar conversion rates.

Torrey often stocks used gear (all inspected). Used gear at Torrey usually runs for about half to 3/4 of a brand new setup. Inquire with an instructor about what used gear we have, and if they would be appropriate for you.

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