We Have Sup'Air!

21 June 2012

We have Sup'Air superlight harnesses in stock! Come in and try them out on a test flight!



EXCLUSIVE! We are the first distributor in the US to have this awesome, ultra-lightweight harness in stcock! The Delight is an ultra light Cross-Country "hammock" type harness that weights less than 2800 grams! Extremly light!. Used in the 2011 RedBull X-Alps race, it features an integrated reserve parachute pocket, EN1651 certification, and has added passive safety via a certified 14 cm BumpAir back protector. More details.


Shamane FR

Aerodynamic harness designed for a minimum Cx drag coefficient. Full AirBag and BumpAir integrated dorsal protection system. Stiffened but yet flexible dorsal support for maximum comfort during long flights. Streamlined profile taking shape upon takeoff via Air-Bag activation. High safety level for this harness type. Complete harness with all options included. More details.



A technically advanced light design harness, aiming at the Cross-Country and competition pilots; the SKYPPER is outfitted with a cocoon in addition to a standard ergonomically fitting efficient top to bottom back protector. The SKYPPER is precise and stable when steering via seat-plate control, and provides accurate feed back from the wing.The reserve parachute pocket located under and beyond the seating area. More details.


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