Maximus Awesomus

16 November 2011

Max has returned triumphant from the 2011 flying festival in Oludeniz, Turkey, where he threw down with the best, completing an incredible 69 inifinites, thrilling the crowd. Max demonstrated why he is rated as one of the top acro pilots in world, and we're totally stoked to have him on staff at the Torrey Pines Gliderport. This POV video was shot with Max's GoPro and a camera on the ground - you'll feel what it's like to tumble 69 times through the sky. Enjoy, but make sure you wait an hour if you've just eaten!


In another one of his flights, Max had some fun with a few more loops, and then took a full stall when he mistimed the exit. The wing threw a bit of a fit.

It was only a little full stall. Nothin' but a thing. I just grabbed a bunch of right riser and it worked itself all out.

But, after straightening it out, Max managed to get everything flying again. Just another day in the amazing life of "Max Acrobat"! It's exciting to watch, and Max shows his experience by how calmly and efficiently he deals with the situation. For more videos, see Max's YouTube channel at MaxAcrobat, or come by the Gliderport and say hi to him yourself! Max is an instructor at our paragliding school. You can't find a more experienced (or cooler) teacher than him!

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