Pilot Guide

Whether you're a local or a visiting pilot, it's easy to start flying at Torrey Pines. Log some flight time at one of the most beautiful soaring sites in the world!

Torrey Pines Gliderport is a P3 and H4 rated site. Because of the number of different kinds of aircraft that all share the same airspace, we require pilots be fairly proficient so that everyone has a safe, enjoyable experience.


An Annual Pass to fly at the Gliderport is $150. Becoming an annual member is an easy process if you have a current USHPA P3 or H4 rating, or an AMA membership and complete the steps below:

- Fill out our Legal Waiver (10 minutes)
- Watch our Pilot Orientation Video (12 minutes)
- Review the Site Rules

When you are ready to fly -  even if it's the same day you sign up - you just need to sign into the log book, and then you're ready to go!

For foreign pilots we require experience that is equivalent to a USHPA P3 or H4 rated pilot. We grant flight permission pending: 1) a quick ground-handling review with one of our instructors, 2) inspection of your logbook and foreign rating card, and 3) completion of three steps above. Please call in advance to schedule time with our instructors.


The day-use fee is $7.50 to fly at Torrey Pines without a membership. You must still be a USHPA P3/H4 or AMA Model RC pilots, and we still require you to: 1) fill out a waiver and 2) watch the pilot orientation video. If you are a P2 or H3, it maybe possible to fly if you are on-radio and under supervision by one of our instructors. It depends on how busy the flight line is and what your demonstrated skill level is. Please call us for a consultation. 

For foreign pilots interested in day use, we have the same requirements as above, and then just pay the day fee.

For more information about rental equipment, local hotels and taxis, please see the Pilot Services page for more information.

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